What’s Your Fetish? Sex Workers Reveal Their Client’s Craziest Fantasies

Being an escort, call girl (or call guy) or whatever you’d like to call the profession is ultimately a fascinating one. But come to think of it, we don’t really know what goes on for those people looking to make money off of the deep, and sometimes dark desires of others. Lucky for us, Reddit users got together to share stories from their escorting profession, either personally or stories they’ve heard from friends…and they’re more interesting than you could’ve imagined.

1. Piss For Pleasure

“Had this one odd duck that would come in and pay girls like $200.00 to piss in a glass for him… This happened several times, then once the girl took it to a bouncer and had him pee in it. She took it back to him, he took one sniff and said ‘this is a man’s urine’ Left, and never came back while I worked there.”

2. Burn Me And Make Me Jazzercise

“Client wanted me to scald him in a tub until he passed out, revive and repeat for several hours. I said hell no. (Another) client had a fantasy about being forced into a leotard and legwarmers and forced to do jazzercize with my canes as motivation. I did that and it was awesome.”

3. Let Me See Your Teeth

“I had a guy lay me out on the table, take my shoes off, get out a set of dental picks and mirrors and electric toothbrush, and do a “dental exam” on my feet. For an hour. Checking for ‘cavities’, ‘polishing’, ‘flossing’, etc. I was supposed to play the whole thing straight as if it was really my teeth he was examining. Never did his penis come out of his pants. It was actually a totally great time, if a bit bizarre to start.”

4. Play Dead

“Had a gentleman who would book multiple girls, have us play completely dead, then whack us with riding crops and pinch nipples and stuff. If you grimaced or flinched our gasped, you were out of the (several hour, lots of money) session.”

5. Breaking Dick

“A guy in the VIP section bought a few dances and then asked me to step on his dick in my 7 inch stripper heels. At first I was being careful, but then after he assured me that there was no way I could hurt him, I went to town. I even threw in a few combos where I’d step on it and twirl. It was actually pretty fun. Afterwards, he bought my thong for like $50. Really fun night.”

6. Suck On My Nipples…For A Different Reason

“Former male escort here – Had a larger, 50ish lady ask me to snuggle with her in a rocking chair. Wanted me to suck on her nipples as if I were nursing. She stroked my hair the entire time. It was really really weird and kind of sad.”

7. Castrate For An Hourly Rate

“I used to be a male escort, had a guy once who I had going so bad he was up in a swing and I was shocking the shit out of his balls while he begged and screamed for more. I told him to shut the fuck up and stuck a plug up his ass, and that was the breaking point. I’ve had people use a safe word before and it’s really no big deal, everyone has their limits, and I can dial the intensity back and adjust the play pretty well. This guy, however wanted to escalate. He used the safe word to take me out of the zone in order to discuss the next thing. This guy wanted me to castrate him. I had to talk him down from that, he said nobody ever got him to the point I got him, and he was certain that it would never be this great again so why bother? Let’s full fill this last request. I refused and gave him a bit of aftercare, Sent him on his way. He came back a few times that month, never asked for that again.”

8. Gunfight At The More Than Okay Corral

“I have a guy that comes in every few months and wants to have a pretend ‘gunfight’ with me. Like, we face off, draw our “weapons”, and “shoot” each other. He is super specific with the wording he wants me to use, and it’s such an easy show…we just point our fingers at each other and make pew pew sounds.”

9. Shit Lover

“I’m a current online sex worker/cam girl. I have been asked a lot of weird things during my time doing this, but I suppose the weirdest one coming to mind was being casually asked to shit on the floor during an otherwise vanilla sexting session. He said “you can even do it on the tile for easier clean up” as if he was throwing me a bone haha.”

10. Racism Fetishism

I had a friend who was a phone sex operator. She’s from South Carolina and has a strong southern accent. One of her callers was a black guy who wanted to be showered with racial slurs while he got off. She could only think of a few of the most obvious ones, so he had to help her along. ‘Call me spearchucker!’, ‘Call me porch monkey!’ and so on.”

11. September 11th

“In this role-play that he designed and requested, we are to pretend that it’s the morning of the 9/11 terror attacks, and I am playing his wife. It gets stranger…Entirely covering the wall behind him is a high-resolution finished panorama of what appears to be a block in downtown Manhattan (it could just be a generic metropolis, I’m not too familiar with NYC). In our sessions, I am to pretend that I’m informing him – for the first time – of the attacks that have ‘just taken place’. For nearly an hour, he’ll ask questions and pretend to be completely oblivious/ignorant to world politics and even the simplest homeland security issues.”

12. Pinata Party

“Lots of crazy stories but my favorite was when a guy paid $350/hr for a couple girls to blindfold him and watch him attempt to hit a pinata and make fun of him. Was probably the most enjoyable session I ever had there, hahaha.”

13. Happily Ever After

“I really had a hard time ‘dating’ (because of time constraints, etc) so, I paid an Escort to ‘date’ me. She would come over, and we’d made dinner, watch TV, fool around, take naps and generally be ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’ on Saturday afternoon and evening. We did this for over 6 months: every Saturday, she’d come over. She’d put on more comfortable attire and we’d decide on something to eat, either making it or getting take-out. Eventually she began to tell me what kinds of food she liked and what shows/movies she wanted to watch. I’d take initative and tell her what kind of sex I liked… and she did too. After a few months, we’d take afternoon dates to the park or to the movies. Six months in, she’d stop leaving first thing on Sunday morning and we’d instead have breakfast, or go for a walk. Then it escalated to her showering Sunday morning and spending most of the day. I didn’t know if she wanted more money, so one Sunday I offered extra cash and she became quiet and said that she liked me and didn’t want to do this anymore as she thought it was hurting me. I told her I liked her…. seven years later, I’m an associate partner at a firm and she teaches high school English. No one knows how we met or what she used to do. It’s like our weird little secret. We have this funny story that will probably go to the grave with us.”