Erykah Badu Photobombs Reporter With A Kiss On Live TV

Erykah Badu is either real nutty or just hilarious.  Maybe both. 

In New York, channel 11 reporter Mario Diaz was filling in his viewers on the latest Shia LaBeouf news when Erykah Badu of all people decided to photobomb his report on air.  Not only did she want to get in front of the camera, but also make a lude gesture with her hand, followed up with an impromptu kiss which Mario deflected like a ninja.

We hope she put that traffic cone back.

After the hilarious incident, Badu told viewers and fans that it wasn’t her, but eventually gave in. She even went the extra mile of tweeting at Mario later on kinda sorta apologizing.

It’s probably not every day this reporter gets anyone of name next to his mic, so I can’t help but wonder if he’s kicking himself for not recognizing Badu and making the most of her cameo in some way.  Possibly stopping the Shia news to ask her what the hell she’s doing. 

You just know he’s going to try to get her on air again to capitalize on the attention this is gaining, but unfortunately for Mario, Badu wasn’t just strolling around the neighborhood with nothing better to do. Dave Chappelle is doing about a week of shows at Radio City Music Hall and Badu had just performed with him the night before. Maybe her set was so brilliant, she just felt overjoyed and had to share the emotion with someone.

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But Mario wasn’t having it, at least until he saw it was someone famous.  Hey, if I saw a giant aspirin coming at me from the corner of my eye, I’d throw up an arm too. But in all honesty, it’s cool to see someone not take things all that seriously like Badu (and also giving us something to laugh about on a Monday).

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source: Rolling Stone

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