Erotic Harry Potter Fan Fiction Talks Less About Wands Than You’d Think

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Fan fiction can take on a life of its own. For example, “50 Shades Of Grey” started out as fan fiction in homage to the “Twilight” books, but became something quite different in the end. However, there are limits of good taste – and this overview of erotic Harry Potter fan fiction would likely shock Hermione let alone freak out J.K. Rowling.


Here’s a bit from “Harry Potter and the Emerald Coven” 

Gabrielle leant forward again, Harry keeping his hands stalwartly on the armrests. She began by kissing him again, but quickly moved over his cheek, kissing and licking along the way. She teased his ear, nibbling on the cuff, and sucking on the lobe. Harry felt beads of sweat trickling down his face, and was sure he was harder than he had ever been before. She went down his neck pausing briefly to bite and suckle on his pulse point. Harry shuddered and groaned at the attention.


This is from “Too Close”:

Harry woke up to the feeling of fingers caressing his rounded stomach, while a mouth was peppering kisses in his neck. Enjoying the sweet caresses, he turned to lay down on his back and hummed sleepily. ‘Happy birthday, Harry,’ Draco whispered in his ear, biting teasingly in his earlobe.


Ready for “Hermione’s Furry Little Problem”?

Hermione felt less upset about that than she thought she would if the news went this way. She had got to like Harry scratching her behind the ear and stroking her tail, and just thinking about it was starting to make her feel excited. Harry too wasn’t unhappy about the news. He loved Hermione’s ears and her tail.

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How about “Harry Potter: Lover of the Horned God”?

Cernunnos smirked as Hadrian kissed him hard, and Cernunnos gripped his ass with a bruising force. He pulled Hadrian down, and Cernunnos’ aching need rubbed against the cleft of Hadrian’s ass. He moaned, and while Hadrian nibbled on his Adam’s apple, Cernunnos dipped his fingers into Hadrian’s tight ring of muscle.


We’re not quite sure if its romantic, but this is from “Harry Potter and the Room of Romance”:

I thought you’d see the attraction”, she replied brightly, drawing him closer to her and raising her lips to his. They kissed softly at first then with increasing urgency. As they did the room changed in decor from the rather featureless room it had been before. Harry drew back from the kiss and looked around in surprise. “And it adapts to your exact requirements too.” she said, forstalling his question.


All of the preceding seem quite tame compared with “Harry Potter and the Tight-Ass Orgy”:

Hermione was fast asleep by the time everyone arrived at the dorms. Normally the boys and some of the girls would love to watch the deliciously smooth skin of her deliciously delicious breasts rise and fall as she breathed in and out, but they all just wanted to have a private j/o or diddle session to thoughts of Professor Bonebubble’s everything. They did and they slept soundly. All, of course, except for Harry…

Although we can’t recommend any of the above as fine literature, at least we didn’t offer any excerpts involving Hairy Balls.