Is This An Enormous Sea Creature Spotted Near Deception Island? | Break Poll

The aptly named Deception Island has given rise to rampant speculation that an unknown, giant sea creature is lurking just off its shores.  YouTube user wowforreeel shared a video of a Google Earth search revealing a detailed image right off the coast of the Antarctic South Shetland Islands. You know this video is true because of the creepy music.

This is no Loch Ness Monster. Using the measuring tool on Google Earth, observers have been able to deduce that that the object in the water is at least 120 meters, or 394 feet long. That is a lot of Subway sandwiches. In fact if you bought 394 $5 foot longs it would cost you $1,970. Woah! What is really going on here? 

To put this into perspective the largest known animal in the ocean and the biggest animal on Earth overall is the Blue whale which on average measures up to only 98 feet long. The largest blue whale on record was “only” 111 feet long, so this creature is over three times that.The monstrous image is enough to make me scream “release the Kraken!”  

You can click here to go to Google Earth and see the evidence of the massive creature that the government is right now scrambling to cover up for yourself.

Could this be evidence of an alien civilization lurking in the Antarctic hiding right here on Earth until the time is right for an attack? Or is this more of a “The Abyss” scenario with intelligent creatures living under the ocean unbeknownst to humans? They have finally created a reverse submarine in which these aquatic creatures will be able to rise out of the ocean in their large vessel and “make contact.”  Or more likely as some have pointed out a still living dinosaur such as the Plesiosaur, a large marine reptile from the Jurassic period?     

This brings us to our Break Poll!


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