Nude Kim K Cake Pops Are A Thing

Paper Magazine’s attempt to “Break the Internet” with their nude photos of Kim Kardashian didn’t exactly do that but we’re sure it at least got a lot of guys in trouble with their girlfriends, wives and office HR reps. Next time she should try to write an essay on politics or thermodynamics, that’d at least break a few brains if nothing else. That aside, a bakery in England is trying to catch a piece of Kim’s greasy publicity by releasing a new line of edible Kim Kardashian pops. 


Lou Lou P’ Delights in Leeds unveiled his newest creation that features an edible rendering of Kim’s cover photo in cake form (minus the stick, of course, unless that’s something from the cutting room floor). The cake pops are made out of sponge and marzipan and were even given a shiny coating of clear icing to simulate the shiny backside that appeared on Paper Magazine’s cover which we assume was created with either coconut oil or pork sweats. The only difference between the real Kim and this one is that you won’t get in trouble for licking this one.  Then again, we’re not qualified to make that judgement about the real Mrs. West.


We couldn’t find a review of Lou Lou P’s cake pops but we imagine that it has the same effect on the human body as the real Kim Kardashian. Sure it looks appetizing and pleasing but when you actually take it in, it makes you feel really hollow, sad and angry at the world.