Want To See A 5-Foot, 26,000-Calorie Hot Dog?

Besides baseball, whiskey, guns, and diabetes, what’s more American than a hot dog? Nothing! That’s why it really boils my red, white and blue blood to see England has developed a 5-foot, 26,000-calorie hot dog right under our noses. Where was the CIA on this? Thanks, Obama!

The hot dog was developed at Smokey’s, a restaurant located in the industrial town of Walsall. Dubbed the Monster Dog, it contains 6.6 pounds of beef sausage, 2 pounds of chili, and 30 jalapeno peppers. And in a move that would make any American proud, they also covered it with cheese! As with all good food challenges, if you finish, it’s free. But if you’re too full or too dead to eat it all, you’ll owe £29.95, or $51.00.

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While watching the most American of foods being co-opted by the British is disheartening, there is a silver lining. The only reason this new monstrosity was created was because the restaurant’s previous, 13-pound version of the Monster Dog was devoured by American professional eater Randy Santel (watch for yourself in the video above).

“Until Randy came over, nobody had beaten the Monster Dog challenge,” said creator Dale Key. “He smashed it.”

Way to make America proud, Randy Santel! (Source)

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