Food Worker Fired For Farting One Too Many Times At Work

The human resources department of your employer probably has a lot of weird rules about workplace behavior that frustrate you on a daily basis. However, there’s one even the creepy guy who collects Polaroids of his fellow co-workers for his “Binder of Hotness” can agree upon: excessive farting is a huge workplace distraction.

A company in New Jersey had such a huge problem with a gassy employee that they actually fired him. reported that the Case Pork Roll Co. in Trenton, N.J. gave an unidentified man his very smelly walking papers because of his chronic gas problems. His wife Louann Clem who also works at the company says that her husband underwent gastric bypass surgery and causes him to suffer from “extreme gas and uncontrollable diarrhea.” That may be unfortunate but in the company’s defense, those are two things no one wants to be associated with the pork roll making process. Most of us have a hard enough time dealing with those weird, white balls that show up in almost every bite of a hot dog.

Mrs. Clem says the company’s president began harassing (no ass puns intended) them about her husband’s smells and how they were overpowering “the aroma of their company’s processed meat product.” It’s a good thing they don’t work at a broccoli processing plant because if his farts were able to overpower that smell, he’d definitely be a dead man.

Mrs. Clem says he tried to work out a viable option so they could both continue working but eventually, he says the company let them go like a particularly heavy fart being held back to avoid ruining a family funeral. The company denies letting them go and says that Clem and her husband walked off the jobs instead. So the couple took the company to court as part of a civil suit claiming that the pork roll company violated the Americans with Disabilities Act and the state’s Law Against Discrimination. The judge in the case has yet to rule if the Clems’ lawsuit will pass his legal smell test.