Emmy Winner Stabs Friend After An Argument Over How Many Oscars He’d Win

Creative-types are sensitive. Really sensitive… but you should know that already. Actor/producer, Andre Bauth, allegedly stabbed his roommate, Clayton Haymes, in their Studio City home after he and fellow roommates laughed at Bauth when he said that one day he would win five Oscars – which he didn’t find funny at all. 

Bauth, whose real name is Andrew Salaman Bautista, reacted by chasing Haymes with a kitchen knife and stabbed him in the lung before leaving the scene.

The 36-year-old producer won a Daytime Emmy for his work on the online soap opera, The Bay – but that statuette doesn’t mean anything now. He’s wanted for attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

As for 23-year-old Haymes, he’s recovering well. “I’m just happy to be alive,” he told CBS Los Angeles.

The really weird part is that Bauth rented the room to his victim Haymes. Both he and Haymes acted in a film together called “El Lanlord.” The plot of the film is about a man who moves to Hollywood to pursue his dreams and rents a house to tenants. And in life imitating art, the landlord in the film murders his tenants. I think he has the whole “method acting” thing a bit backwards.

If it makes him feel better, I’ll say El Landlord was in my Oscar picks this year.

Bauth is still on the loose so if you see a really sensitive actor/producer running around Los Angeles with a Daytime Emmy in his hand, alert authorities immediately.

Source: Cinema Blend