Fact-Checking Rap Meme Is The Web's Funniest New Thing

Ian-Fortey by Ian-Fortey on Jul. 09, 2014

Do you know Emmanuel Hudson?  You do now, as he just stumbled onto an issue we all have eventually – what the hell did that singer just say?  The other day Hudson was listening to a Nicki Minaj song and, surprisingly, couldn’t reconcile Nicki’s thought-provoking lyrics with reality.  And that has resulted in the fact-checking rap meme which, if we’re being honest, is pretty damn funny and probably has the potential to go on forever, given how ridiculous some rap lyrics can be.

The basic idea of the meme is simple – you take a non-sensical lyric and point out why it doesn’t make sense.  Toss in the image of Hudson’s own confused face as he tries to puzzle over what the hell Nicki Minaj is talking about and you’re golden.

We hit up Hudson’s Instagram and found a goldmine of additional thoughts he’s put into meme form that makes you think “damn, this guy listens to a lot of rap and has made some seriously funny observations about it.”  Then you’ll notice most his examples have been lifted from Complex.com’s 2012 list of rap lyrics that make no sense, but the man did take the time to put them into meme form so that’s something. 

Of course we had to end it on Kanye.


Rene Out
Rene Out

What has that to do with racism? Music is a universal language....... And what has rap to do with music?

GM Bunno Brinkley
GM Bunno Brinkley

Dave - you have your own meme?:) next to sarcastic response guy?:)

Eddie Wardo
Eddie Wardo

Love it!! It shows how s t u p I d these lyrics are!!!!

fourtony User

cRAP, always has been, always will. NOW HIP-HOP, that is a different story.

Ed Ress
Ed Ress

Rap hasn't really had any intelligence behind it since '96 anyway. Just my opinion.

Leah Felice Unger
Leah Felice Unger

Not rap but this bothered me: "Cowboy" by Kid Rock "With the top let back and the sunshine shining... Riding at night cause I sleep all day" But how can you see the sunshine shining if you sleep all day?

whatinitheworld UserTop Commenter

Since when is rap expected to be coherent?

LooseTrigger User

Yeah, rap music is making the black community dumb and dumber. There's a lot of examples where rap text have no sense at all.

There are only a few main themes in rap music.

1. Violence. Killing and cursing.
2. Money. Buying houses, cars, yachts and women.
3. More cursing and complaining, they had a tough childhood and life is not fair, because everybody treated them wrong.

Sad but true. When I saw a black guy or woman "acting" and talking like a so called raper, I ask myself "Why the f*** would a grown person act like that."
But now and then, I see a black person acts just normal, then i have hope.

SirTy321 User

kanye west 300 like the Romans - 300 in Roman numerals is CCC = cool,calm,collective he was not on about the Spartans. That being said he is still an A*sehole

stev379 User

I don't want to understand this

Monkerz User

Rap=crap.  It ain't music.

Mike-Emmons-39 UserTop Commenter

too easy, Kanye West has never said a sensible thing in his life