A Bunch Of (Dumb) People Are Upset About Emma Watson’s Topless Vanity Fair Photo

Say what you want about Harry Potter or…whatever other movies Emma Watson has been in, but you can’t deny that she’s hot. I’m not talking Melania Trump style hot (aka trashy, the sort of hot you’d definitely bang but would kick out of the house before your mom came over because she looks and speaks like a mail order bride), but more of a classy sort of hot – think Anna Kendrick or Emma Stone.

But stars like Kendrick and Watson never take traditionally “hot” photos. When they do take them, they’re generally pretty tame compared to the InstaTHOTS who post tits and ass all day long in the hopes of getting noticed by…well, anyone really.

It’s almost like she doesn’t want us masturbating to her Instagram or something.

It wasn’t until this month’s Vanity Fair that Watson posed for any even somewhat-appealing photos, and of course with the photos came controversy. Er, more like “controversy,” because no one with even half of a brain really cares. I sure don’t care. Do you care? Well, you don’t know what the “controversy” is yet, but I already know you won’t give a fuck.

Via Vanity Fair

That’s the photo. Good peek at some underboob, but the hair makes her look like Tilda Swinton and she’s got that facial expression you get when you think you just farted, but you also could’ve shat your pants and you’re trying to figure out which it is.

You got any other thoughts on this picture? No, right? Because it’s just a photo; you look at it, you either like it or you don’t and then you continue on with your life. But Julia Hartley-Brewer, a talkRadio presenter and Telegraph columnist, thinks Watson is full of shit:

Come on now, how is Watson supposed to win here? God forbid a pretty girl wants to take some pretty pictures and share them with the world without her work in the feminism space being questioned. We keep going on like this and soon no one will want to take nude-ish photos. Is that what we want? A world without softcore implicative porn? Sounds boring. How else am I supposed to masturbate if not with highly suggestive Victoria’s Secret ads and celebrity photo shoots?

Some people agreed with Hartley-Brewer, however most agreed that she was full of crap:

What do you think – is Emma Watson’s photo too much, or are people bitching over nothing like usual?