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Emma Watson

Rumors have always been rampant in show business but one thing starlets in old Hollywood never had to deal with is technology and how today, it can create scandal even when none exists.  One such victim is model/actress and Harry Potter star Emma Watson whose battle with sex tape rumors and pornographic pictures have been tougher than any Hogwarts war.


No, but there is a Facebook hoax purporting a sex tape exists when in reality it’s scammers trying to hijack users’ Facebook account and spam all their Facebook friends. 

This message about an alleged leaked Emma Watson sex tape was posted on Facebook:

It encouraged curious users to click on the link.


When users clicked, they were taken to an “age verification” dialog box.  If users followed the directions and entered personal information instead of being directed to the video, what happens is that the link to the bogus Emma Watson sex video gets posted on the user’s own Facebook wall and tags their friends so the scam can go viral.

Emma Watson Nude Photos! (FAKE)

Emma is probably one actress among many who wishes Photoshop had never been invented.  In her second year of college at Brown University, a fake photo of a topless Emma with a towel around her waist next to a hot tub circulated around the university by email.  She reportedly tried to find out who was behind the malicious fake picture and her spokesman responded by saying, “There have been a number of nude fakes over the past two months. Emma has seen them and finds them tiresome. People should know better.”

See how easy it is to create a fake photo?

There was talk that the fake photo, considered to be a form of bullying, was why Emma left Brown in her junior year but she said on her Web site that the reason was because of career demands.  “As you know, I love Brown and I love studying pretty much more than anything, but recently I’ve had so much to juggle that being a student AND fulfilling my other commitments has become a little impossible,” she wrote.  She returned to Brown in the Fall of 2013 to finish her degree.

Even with the Brown photo business behind her, Emma still has to deal with the magic of Photoshop by rogue fans who go too far.  The Daily Mail reported in 2010, obsessed fan John Cavanagh pleaded guilty to 19 counts of creating indecent photographs of children

after he admitted to super-imposing Emma’s face onto nude images of children.  Police found close to 1,300 pictures on three computers at his home. The judge banned Cavanagh from contacting Emma for five years and ordered him to complete a sex offenders program telling him, “The few that purport to show the actress Emma Watson are crude images and not the sort of thing that would have, in my view, any commercial value. These are pathetic images kept for your own purposes.”

Emma is not the first young actress to have her celebrity be leveraged by Photoshop abusers and internet scammers using the key words “sex tape.”  A whole list of other actresses whose heads have been superimposed on nude images can be found at Best Celebrity Fakes.  Internet searches using key words such as “Emma Watson sex tape” or “Emma Watson naked” will just take you to various websites trying to lure you to subscribe to their services whether it be adults only content or even a site where movies can be downloaded.  Keep in mind the name “Emma Watson” is common so even if you are taken to a site where there is a video of a Emma Watson having sex, it’s not the Emma Watson you had in mind.

Real or fake?


You can’t, at least not completely.  But Emma is also an accomplished model having been photographed since she hit Harry Potter stardom at the age of 9.  And as the below pictures and videos demonstrate, she’s no longer a little girl.

Among some of Emma’s many accolades is being voted GQ’s 2013 Woman of the Year

Emma watson sex shopping GQ magazine

Emma participated in a photography book by James Houston, to "raise awareness and funds for the environment and sustainable living." She tweeted her support for the project. Natural Beauty  debuted at the MILK gallery in New York City in late April 2013 will proceeds benefiting Global Green USA.

But for those of you who want to see Emma preferably au naturel in her natural habitat, this is as good as it gets:

On vacation in Jamaica 2012

Emma watson in a black bikini on beach

Emma watson in black bikini on beach in jamaica

A few wardrobe slips

Emma watson nip slip on red carpet

Emma watson see through dress green bra

The world has seen Emma and her Harry Potter persona Hermione Granger grow up from a little girl to a lovely young woman as shown in the below video:

The bottom line is if you want to see sexy pictures of Emma, it’s best to stick to more traditional media where you at least know the pictures are legitimate.