Eminem Swears; Somehow Makes The News

The Slim Shady LP was released in 1999.  We’ve been living in a world with Eminem for 15 years now.  Every second song Eminem raps is about how angry he is, usually with his mom or the mother of his baby.  Sometimes just other celebrities who we have to assume he’s at least met before, otherwise he’s really just surly for no reason.  He also will drop the F word as often as is humanly possible in those raps.  It’s what he does.  He’s performed with Elton John.  He was 13 Grammys.  13!  He was in a critically acclaimed biographical film!  Anyone who doesn’t understand who Eminem is and what he does in 2014 is kind of a moron.  The rest of this article is about those morons.

Eminem was part of HBO’s Concert for Valor on Veteran’s Day.  Marshall kicked off his performance with a “Happy F**king Veteran’s Day” which is inappropriate only insofar as “Happy veteran’s Day” is a dumb thing to say in general as it’s not a “happy” day.  But whatever.  He then proceeded to do exactly what Eminem always does.  Then this happened;

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I call bullshit.

I refuse to believe any of those people do not know who Eminem is.  13 Grammys! Eminem is a huge name in rap.  To blindly tune in to see him, on HBO of all things, would be ridiculous.  So they know who he is.  And if they feel him swearing is disrespectful in context then, respectfully, they’re all morons.  No one invites Eminem to perform in the hopes he won’t swear.  You may as well invite Lady gaga but expect her to wear sweats, or Garth Brooks, but maybe he could do death metal for this performance.  You get the artist you book.  You watch the artist you tune in to.  If anyone wanted Eminem to put on a non-Eminem performance, they should have watched Vanilla Ice.

There’s a famous saying “you can’t have your cake and eat it, too” which simply means you can’t both possess and consume the same thing, it’s one or the other.  Likewise, you can’t have an Eminem show that’s not an Eminem show.  It doesn’t make sense.  It’s a waste of everyone’s time. 

For what it’s worth, people also criticized Bruce Springsteen for playing CCR’s Fortunate Son and his own Born in the USA, each of which are anti-war songs that many people assume means they are also unpatriotic, when in fact they’re more about crappy treatment of servicemen, which arguably would be a decent song to honor veterans with.  But hey, we’re talking about Twitter here, and people get pissy and complain on Twitter because it’s easy and your brain doesn’t even need to work to accomplish it.