Emily Ratajkowski Posted The Only Video You Need To See Today On Snapchat

We like to post a lot of hilarious, fun or plain weird videos but this one of Emily Ratajkowski enjoying her weekend to the fullest might take the cake for today. The super sexy cake that is. 

The video depicts Ratajkowski having a little fun in her bikini with a drink in her hand over this past weekend. And oh yeah, and it’s being documented by some lucky bastard who is apparently allowed to smack Ratajkowski on the ass as if we weren’t jealous enough in general. The best part however is that lucky bastard is another chick, one of Emily’s friends Pia Arrobio, who posted the video to Snapchat for all of us not-so-lucky people to enjoy. Curse you AND bless you, Pia!

Speaking of enjoyment, here you go! Enjoy!