Girl Eats Packaged Chips Covered In Ants, Company’s Response Is Pathetic

Some people are willing to complain to a company about the little imperfections in their food (as we reported earlier this week) but some customers are totally justified in flipping their shit, especially if you open your packaged food and there’s fucking bugs all over it. The worst part however is this woman actually ATE some of the chips thinking the bugs were pepper!

I suppose if you’re pretty hungry and digging right into your bag of chips, the last thing you’re thinking about is “Man, I hope there aren’t any damn ants on these things!” But, unfortunately for Emily Wagoner, ants there were.

First Emily called the store where she picked up the chips, a Pita Pit in Oregon, but those people weren’t any help. Afterall, they didn’t package the damn things. So she then took to Twitter and posted the above photo along with a complaint. That got the attention of Pita Pit’s main office, especially after her post received over 6,000 retweets. The problem however is these aren’t Pita PIt’s chips, in that they didn’t package them. These chips are “Miss Vickie’s Sea Salt and Vinegar” so I think Emily was already barking up the wrong tree, which led to a less than lackluster apology from Pita Pit.

After having eaten ants unwillingly, Pita Pit offered Emily a hardy $50 gift card to apologize. Hell, I might eat TWO spoonfulls of ants for $50 but Emily wasn’t so pumped on the idea. Rightfully so I suppose.

What made the $50 gift card more ridiculous was the part that they weren’t offering Emily a refund as well, so I guess that $50 is more like $36 considering the meal was around $14. That’s not a lot of compensation for someone walking around with ants in their teeth.

Emily is still trying to figure out how to get Pita Pit or maybe even Miss Vickie’s chips to even the score. But then again there’s no way to prove she didn’t put the ants on those chips herself now is there.

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