Emily DiDonato is Di-licious


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Not yet a household name, model Emily DiDonato may just become one after being on the list of high-profile females whose Apple iCloud account were hacked at the end of September 2014. If there ever was an incident that Apple’s competitors could go to town making competing commercials on the subject, the leaked nude photo scandal is at the top of the list. The only reason Samsung and other companies haven’t done so is probably because they haven’t found a tasteful way to do so. The leaked photo scandal touched every victim in different ways, depending on how explicit the nude photos turned out to be. For some victims like Jennifer Lawrence, perhaps the highest profile and the most discussed name in the scandal, the experience was horrifying prompting her to tell Vanity Fair, the photo leaks were a disgusting  “sex crime” and a “sexual violation.” For some whose stars are already shining bright, unauthorized nude pictures make public is not a good thing. But if one is an up and coming star, even though the nude leaks are a violation of privacy, at least now people will know your name. Those not familiar with Emily DiDonato, will be. She is from a small town in New York and at the suggestion of a family friend, decide to try her hand at modeling in New York City. She quickly signed with a modeling agency in 2008 and soon after, Guess chose her to be their new face for Spring 2009, the same position that eventually propelled Claudia Schiffer to supermodel stardom. Lucky for Claudia, there was no such thing as iPhone nude photo leaks in the 80’s. Back then people recorded their personal nudie pics on video cameras.  

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Since Emily is a model, it ‘s not unusual to see her in various states of undress. In her leaked photos, Emily is clothed in several of them, wearing a tight black dress and a few seem to be from a photo shoot.  She is topless atop a horse in one photo wearing a nude colored leotard but her arm is covering up her breasts. There are a few nude headless selfies where you can see a bare breast but not the face.  There are several bare butt pictures and one particularly interesting picture in which a woman’s hands are handcuffed behind her bare behind.  It’s hard to tell who the woman is since the butt pictures are headless but what one can surmise is that this woman has a really great butt. In fact there are several headless photos which makes it easy for Emily to deny these are her pictures although it would be tough to explain how somebody else’s nude pictures got mixed up with Emily’s clothed pictures. Unless Emily explained it by saying she was taking nude pictures of a hot woman which then would be a whole other story. There are also rumors there’s a Emily DiDonato masturbation video but it’s hard to tell who the person is in the supposed video.

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It depends on when Emily took these nude pictures. In 2013, Emily was rumored to have dated Jake Gyllenhaal briefly after they met in a spinning class although she has never confirmed this fact. Perhaps Gyllenhaal did have an influence on her since she has stated that “I‘d like to maybe get into acting one day.” From 2010 to 2012, Emily dated South African model, Justin Hopwood who modeled for Ralph Lauren. She probably met Hopwood when they both worked for Lauren. Emily appeared in Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2009 “Rugby” campaign.

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Since Emily is a model, the chances you can see her topless is pretty good. You can see her pretty close to nude in bikinis and lingerie for two high profile brands. She started modeling for Victoria’s Secret in 2009 and in 2013, Emily made her debut in the famous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue in a photoshoot taken on location in Namibia.  Emily posed topless for Lui Magazine in July 2014 which you can see here.

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Although several victims have threatened legal action, the only legal maneuver that was executed was by entertainment attorney Marty Singer who said he represented the victims. On October 1, 2014, Singer sent a letter to Google executives threatening to sue the internet giant for $100 million for not removing the nude photos from its services.  Singer claimed that although he asked Google to delete the images immediately, at the time of the letter, the images were still on YouTube and Blogspot, both Google-owned sites in addition to still being found on the search engine itself. “Google is making millions and profiting from the victimization of women,” Singer said in his letter.

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He referred to Google’s “blatantly unethical behavior,” as the reason they could be liable for “compensatory and punitive damages that could well exceed One Hundred Million Dollars.” In response, a Google spokesperson said, “We’ve removed tens of thousands of pictures within hours of the requests being made and we have closed hundreds of accounts.” Other than this, no legal action has yet been taken although celebrities are probably thinking twice before taking another naked selfie.

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