Emilia Clarke: More Than Just The Mother Of Dragons


Emilia Clarke is currently the idol of millions in her role as Daenerys Targaryen on the HBO series Game of Thrones. That role involves plenty of skin and onscreen sex for the actress, but not enough to keep fans from wondering if there’s any more Emilia Clarke nudity to be found. Those searching for “Emilia Clarke naked” are also likely to be bombarded with a wealth of material from Game of Thrones, which is numerous enough to also require some sort of guide. A guide to that wealth of nudity is exactly what we’re here to provide, so put away your Westeros maps for a couple of minutes and take a new journey into the world of Emilia Clarke screen nudity.

Anyway, to answer the first question – yes. But unfortunately for those of you who aren’t interested in mythical lands (or blondes, for that matter), it seems that the only reason  she’s actually taken off all of her clothes in front of a camera is for her role on Game of Thrones. But, as I mentioned earlier, Game of Thrones is not a typical TV series when it comes to nudity and sexual content, so there’s plenty of Emilia Clarke nudity to go around even from this one source.


For a definite answer to that question, you’d have to ask her yourself, but it’s unlikely you’ll be in a position to do that any time soon if you’re searching for “Emilia Clarke naked” on the internet. So it’s a good thing she’s spoken about the matter publicly, in the context of discussing the unusual amount of nudity she’s had to show onscreen for the show. In an interview with MTV around the time of the first season, Emilia Clarke described her now-infamous sex scene with co-star Jason Momoa as being “scary,” which makes sense given the content of the scene is basically her character being (to put it in Game of Thrones terms) taken from behind by her brutal and animalistic husband played by Momoa. You can check out the article here.

So when you consider the content of some of those Game of Thrones sex scenes, it’s really no wonder that Emilia Clarke hasn’t jumped at the chance to get naked elsewhere – although one could also go the other way with that logic, and consider the fact that a sex scene shot for pretty much any other movie or TV show is bound to be a cakewalk by comparison to the stuff she’s done on Game of Thrones, so perhaps there’s hope that we’ll be seeing more Emilia Clarke nudity in the near future.


No one can know the answer to that question unless they have access to a prophetic crystal ball and/or Emilia Clarke’s agent, but we can look at some projects she has coming around the bend to try to determine whether or not future Emilia Clarke nudity is likely. Her most high-profile future (pardon the pun) project is Terminator: Genesis, the half-reboot, half-continuation of the popular Terminator franchise. In the movie, Clarke is playing Sarah Connor, which might actually bode well for the possibility of Emilia Clarke getting naked on the big screen. In case you haven’t seen or have forgotten The Terminator, Sarah Connor in that movie is played by Linda Hamilton, and she has a lengthy (by Hollywood standards) sex scene with Michael Biehn, during which we see Linda’s two greatest hopes for mankind, if you know what I mean. That might not seem like much of a good sign, especially since Hollywood has gotten a lot more conservative since 1984, but the sex scene is actually an important one to the plot, and Clarke’s history of nudity on Game of Thrones could have been one of the reasons she was cast in the part. Not much is known about the plot of Terminator: Genesis at this point, since it’s still in the filming stage, but those desperate to see Emilia Clarke naked on a screen significantly larger than their computer or TV might take this all of this as a promising development. But any information on this subject is just speculation on this point, and we’ll really have to wait until next summer to find out anything for sure, because Terminator: Genesis is currently slated to hit movie theaters on July 1st, 2015. Luckily you can see an old nude scene from Game of Thrones here.


Now I have some unambiguously bad news for you. According to a recent report from International Digital Times, Emilia Clarke has put the kibosh on any future Game of Thrones nudity for her character. You can read the article here, which to its credit puts a positive spin on the story, and emphasizes just how much skin Emilia Clarke exposed during the first three seasons of Game of Thrones. But don’t feel too bad – this is HBO, after all, and even if Emilia Clarke refuses to get naked you just know that they’ll come through with some extra nudity to pick up the slack. And we’ll always have those first 3 seasons to look back on – like this gallery of photos from a particularly NSFW bathtub scene featuring Clarke.  

emilia clarke black and white gif



This question might actually be considered a bit naïve in some circles. After all, Emilia Clarke is on a TV show that has a devoted following of fantasy nerds, and from Star Wars to Lord of the Rings, you know there’s a ton of weird sexually explicit content related to things like that out there on the world wide web. For that reason, there’s no shortage of lookalikes and bad (and some not so bad) Photoshop jobs featuring our Daenerys Targaryen in some overly sexually explicit situations. Most of them can’t be shared here, but here’s just a taste of what I’m talking about:

It gets a lot weirder, trust me. But that’s just part of the territory when you become a character on TV or in the movies that large groups of people are unhealthily obsessed with.


That’s a great question, especially for a family website like this one. The answer is that while Clarke has made a name for herself getting naked on Game of Thrones, she doesn’t really go for the same kinds of sexy photo shoots that many other celebrities her age go for. Still, she’s a very attractive woman, so you might have to make do with videos like this:

[[contentId: 2886945| ]]

She’s also been the subject of a pretty sexy photo shoot for GQ magazine. You can check out some of the photos from that feature below:

Not bad looking even when she leaves some clothes on, right? Of course, Emilia Clarke is one of those people who just look great all the time, as this photo without any makeup or airbrushing proves:

Then there’s her appearance in the 2012 film Spike Island, which includes a scene of Emilia Clarke in her underwear. Because we care, we have a link for it for you here. 

emilia clarke hair blow gif

All in all, Emilia Clarke has her whole career in front of her, and if she’s even a little bit lucky she’ll be able to transition from Game of Thrones to whatever it is she wants to do in the future, be it film or TV, a combination of both, or none of the above. And as I discussed in the paragraphs above, there’s always a hope that the right project will come along and will have Emilia Clarke getting naked and having sex onscreen like we all know she can – even if it’s not as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones (personally, I have a lot of hope for that upcoming Terminator movie, provided it doesn’t get saddled with a lame PG-13 rating). So keep your chin up and your eyes peeled if you want to see any more Emilia Clarke nudity, there’s always hope.