Can You Guess What Guy Wearing ‘Drunk Lives Matter’ Shirt Was Arrested For?

It may be shitty, but we all judge people based on appearances to at least some degree. I have a friend who lives out on the west coast and grows weed for a living; his hair is down to his shoulders, he barely brushes it and he wears flannel everywhere. Clearly, he looks like a fucking weed farmer. People get pissed when you assume they’re unhealthy based on their weight, but those six spare tires you’ve got slushing around your hips say more than whatever bullshit “I eat healthy and exercise” tale you’re about to spin. In most cases, people look their parts.

The same goes for 44-year-old Elwood R. Gutshall III, a Pennsylvania man who was recently arrested for DUI after being pulled over for “committing multiple traffic violations.” But who cares about that? Loads of people get DUIs or should have DUIs – what makes this story special is that Gutshall was absolutely killing the fashion game at the time of his arrest:

Do drunk lives matter? Of course! All lives matter. Blue, yellow, pink, black, chartreuse – you name it, we can put it on a shirt and sell it for $10. But unlike most drunks or people who choose to purchase somewhat self-aware clothing, Gutshall managed to live up to his fashionable attire by blowing a .217, nearly three times the legal limit, after being breathalyzed.

Remember kids, IF YOU DREAM IT YOU CAN DO IT. And that applies to everything: your career, aspirations, life goals – but only if they’re realistic. You can’t dream of being a fucking pineapple and then get pissed when it never happens. You can, however, dream of being a middle-aged man with multiple DUI convictions who shops at Kohl’s and thinks that stupid frat boy shirts like the one Gutshall is wearing are good fashion choices. That’s attainable — just don’t add anything else onto that list or else you’ll be shooting (and missing) for the moon.

Gutshall was eventually charged with DUI and a slew of other traffic violations. Court records show that this was not his first time interacting with police, as he’s been arrested multiple times for DUIs in the past in addition to a 2009 guilty plea to assault. Dream big everybody, dream big.