Elton John Was Prank Called By Fake Vladimir Putin And You Can Listen To It Here

Poor Elton John. For days now the press have been awaiting the big meeting between Vladimir Putin and Elton John which apparently Putin had instigated but unfortunately the whole encounter was just a joke. We had a feeling which is why we didn’t report the initial meeting, but now, since the “meeting” has already taken place and you can actually hear the phony phone call between John and “Putin” (who were in actuality Russian comedians Vladimir Krasnov and Alexei Stolyarov, who also go by the names Vovan & Lexus), how could we not share this bit of random news.

Listen to the phone call below.

Even though scoring the phone call in and of itself was amazing, it seems the comedians in Russia don’t really know how to pull off a good fake phone call beyond just trying to portray Putin and his translator as realistic as they can with zero punchlines to offer. Unlike Sal & Richard from Howard Stern, Vovan & Lexus had Elton John sold but never delivered on any real joke to the comedian, beyond it just being totally fake.

It’d be great if they tried to get Elton John to have their face to face meeting at a Red Lobster because Putin is “such a big fan of the cheddar biscuits.”

As for John, maybe he should read the internet a little closer next time because Putin had been saying for the last week that he hadn’t scheduled any meeting with Elton John. But then again, if you’re the president of Russia, a country that looks down on homosexuality as much as Putin allows in his country, you probably wouldn’t advertise that meeting either.

After Elton John realized that the call was entirely fake, he wrote on his Instagram acknowledging he did get duped but also says that since the entire situation has forced the topic of gay rights in Russia back into the media, he’s okay with how it all turned out.

If you can’t get Putin to talk to you, apparently talking to two jokesters is one other way to get the world to pay attention.