Elon Musk Says We Should Drop Nuclear Bombs On Mars So It Is Habitable

Elon Musk took time out of his busy schedule running electric car company Tesla Motors, Solar Energy company Solar City, and private rocket company, SpaceX to stop by the second episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night. Those of you hoping for a lip sync battle or a top ten list may have been disappointed by the subject matter.

Colbert and Musk had a pretty interesting conversation for those interested in the future of mankind. Like, why should people want to live on the planet Mars and how would we make it habitable. Free Wi-Fi and a Dunkin Donuts wouldn’t hurt.

No, that is not California, but what Mars would look like if it had water.

Musk had a pretty simple solution for making Earth’s cold, red neighbor, which he described as “a fixer-upper of a planet” more hospitable for human life. The quick way would be to:

“Drop thermonuclear weapons over the poles.”

Colbert was right; he is a supervillain! Obviously Elon Musk is not concerned about the WOMAN and the RAT or that floating spoon that already live on Mars. Thanks Elon.

Dropping nukes on the polar ice caps of Mars would warm up the atmosphere and melt the ice, turning it into liquid water. However Musk didn’t get into scientific details on how nuclear radiation would and fallout would harm or help the chances of seeding Mars with life.

Although I was happy to see that it wasn’t all serious talk about laying out goals for humanity as a species. We discovered that the billionaire technology mastermind can also lay down a pretty sweet robot- butt sex joke that even had Colbert laughing. Stephen played a clip for the audience of the new Tesla Robotic Snake Charger doin’ it’s sweet thang:

Take a fella out for dinner first why don’t ya?

As the clip played Musk said; “This looks a little wrong.”

 Colbert asked him “Is that thing going to attack me in my sleep?” To which Musk deadpans; “For the prototype at least I would recommend not dropping anything when you are near it.”

While it may be a long time before anyone warms up the planet Mars with nuclear weapons, Musk sure has warmed our heart with this butt- joke. See, no matter how rich, smart or successful you are, dudes can all agree that butt stuff is funny. It is no wonder that Colbert later suggested that Elon Musk run for president.

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Source: Business Insider