Elon Musk Will Take You To Mars But The Ticket Will Cost You A Fortune

“Real world Tony Stark” Elon Musk is hell bent on getting people to Mars for a few reasons with the important one being that if humans are to reach their full potential, we must be able to exist beyond just Earth as the only planet we call home. Hell, if Musk says we gotta get to Mars, we gotta get to Mars! The man is a saint for wanting to try to help out the human race, right? The only problem is in order to get to Mars, Elon Musk is ready to charge you not only your life savings, but your kid’s college fund and maybe your grandparents social security checks. Oh, you should probably just rob a bank to to make sure you’re covered.

So how much will this ticket to Mars potentially cost us? Try $500,000. That’s cool, I guess we’ll let the top 1% go have fun on Mars while we rot here on Earth. THANKS.

Outerplaces.com chimed in on the costly ticket, stating “And, while $500,000 might seem like a staggering amount of money, when you consider you won’t be needing any of your Earthly assets in your future life on Mars, it starts to look more achievable for many.” Excuse me, but I’m not going to live on f*cking Mars without at least a few possessions. Living on the red planet sounds cool in theory but so does sight seeing at the Grand Canyon. Five minutes into the visit you’re gonna want to start looking at your cell phone.

I gotta admit, ever since watching Space Camp when I was 10 and having it scare the living hell out of me, visiting Mars doesn’t really sound all that appealing. Let alone paying $500,000 to do it. Since Musk also believes that we’re being studied by aliens in almost a zoo like atmosphere, I could see him taking the first batch of people to Mars only to finally tell them that they’re visiting the planet in order to help him battle an alien species for Mars domination. The guy might not disagree with that thought.