Elon Musk Gets Into a Twitter War With One of The Simpsons

Technology and the rise of social media allows us to do so many things that we never thought were possible. For instance, we can take seemingly intelligent entrepreneurs with big ideas that can reshape our very future and give them an outlet to completely destroy that image by letting them pick a fight with a fictional character. This time, the fight is between Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, and Lisa Simpson, a make-believe eight-year-old from “The Simpsons.” 

Musk recently made an appearance on the animated sitcom as the rocket maverick we all expect him to be in his private life but a tiny little joke about the guy seemed to stick in his craw a bit. Lisa joked that for a guy who “likes electric cars, he sure burns a lot of rocket fuel.” Musk took his Twitter account the next day to explain to Little Lisa why they have to use fuel powered rockets. We’re all for impromptu science lessons but not if the intended target is a piece of film that was made to look like it’s moving by third world animation studio workers. 

Ion thrusters are great, but have extremely tiny force (photon thruster even less). Must have more thrust than weight or you don’t go up.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 26, 2015

He started his conversation offered to explain “why @SpaceX doesn’t use an electric rocket to reach orbit.” He explained that electric powered rockets won’t work in space because thanks to Newton’s Third Law of Motion, “in vacuum, there is nothing to ‘push’ against. You must react against ejected mass.” It makes sense but it still doesn’t explain why Elon Musk is trying to one-up a cartoon character. 

 Lisa Simpson could not be reached for a chance to respond or apologize to Musk’s statements because she’s a f*$&ing cartoon character. Have you not been paying attention this whole time?