Elizabeth Olsen Shows Her Class


So Where Can I See Elizabeth Olsen Nude?

Well for starters, Elizabeth Olsen flashes some nipple and butt for a sex scene with Josh Brolin in the film Oldboy. Olsen wasn’t entirely sure how she felt about the script when she first read Spike Lee’s remake of the Korean thriller, but eventually she got on board.

“I read the script first. I’m not a good film kid; I never saw “Oldboy.” So I read the script first and I was shocked and upset and so grossed out but excited and heartbroken. Then I saw the movie, which my brother thinks is an almost perfect film, and he’s right. Just a brilliant, brilliant film. To me, if you have a good story and not a lot of people have seen it because it’s in a different language, why wouldn’t you want to retell it? I don’t really think of it as a remake, like let’s try it again. It’s more just like, Let’s shock people! It’s the same reason why Greek tragedies like the Oedipus story are so ubiquitous in so many of the things that we read or see, or why Shakespeare plays are always put on. Good stories deserve to be repeated.”

You can check out the scene right here.

Here she is discussing her thoughts on said scene:


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In fact, Elizabeth Olsen does not seem to have much issue with the whole nudity thing at all. As long as it’s in a film and not like flaunting a bikini at the beach.

‘”Not everyone in my family and group of friends thought it was the best idea to be naked in a movie,” Elizabeth says. “There are actresses, young and old, who have decided never to do that, and they become these examples people talk to you about.”

Though she doesn’t want to be a cautionary tale for other young actresses, she likes nude scenes. “You want that voyeuristic quality, but I never feel I have to be nude.” Still, she’s set a few boundaries. “You won’t ever see me in a beauty shot in a bikini on a beach,” she says. “That’s a character I will never play.”’

Interesting stance. Even though we’d love to see some more of her in a bathing suit on the beach. Olsen actually said that seeing Kate Winslet make the choice to go nude in Holy Smoke gave her the confidence to do it as well.Olsen also got down for a sex scene in 2013’s In Secret. Check it out here. In it she plays a repressed married women who lets an artist um, get under her skin.


Anywhere Else?

Olsen goes skinny dipping (and gets reprimanded for it) in the acclaimed film Martha Marcy May Marlene. This one also includes some sex, just FYI, and was the first film Olsen ever stripped down for. She was 21 years old at the time. Get a good look right here.

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What About Sexy Photo Shoots?

Sure we can do that. How about a little peekabo action with her bra? Or a belt or whatever that is. Who needs a shirt anyway.

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Or maybe you would like to see Elizabeth rocking the old school glamour look? She looks like she could use some rescuing.

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How about Elizabeth leaning over a chair for Flaunt Magazine? She seems like a pretty classy chick.

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Elizabeth Olsen Seems Pretty Inspiring. Who Inspires Her?

She does seem like she really does her own thing! She cites her big sisters for inspiring her however.

“They’re insanely diligent and they taught me that you can do whatever you want if it’s your passion and you work hard at it.”

Isn’t that the truth.

We’re sure all those adorable sisters get along great as adults but at one point those tiny twins had some harsh words for their little sis. This is actually some pretty good acting from little Lizzie. Be prepared to be totally Olsen’ed out with this 90’s awesomeness..

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Um Okay. How About Paparazzi Shots of Elizabeth Olsen?

Sure. Elizabeth Olsen might not be down to play a character in a bathing suit on the beach, but she sure does seem to enjoy being a girl in a bathing suit on the beach in her real life! Here she is rocking a totally nude looking suit.

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Where Can I See Elizabeth Olsen Next?

Elizabeth is starring in The Avengers: Age of Ultron which is a pretty big change after the amount of indie movies she has successfully tucked under her belt. She spoke to Net-a-Porter’s The EDIT about the transition.

“You don’t say no to the Avengers. I’ve never experienced anything like it in terms of scale. We took over several towns in Italy and made them look like they were in the middle of a war. Then we moved the whole set to north London where we took over an old police academy. It was just insane: there were real explosions and you could feel the heat of them.”

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Anything Else to Know About Elizabeth Olsen?

Well her honorary godmother is Jane Fonda, which isn’t exactly average. She actually used her middle name Chase as a last name in high school so as not to call too much attention to herself, and she almost quit acting during the time when her sisters were particularly under the microscope in the tabloids.

“That was when the media was what I found to be abusive to my sisters, and I thought I really didn’t want to be in the industry. They turned 18 and what was going on in her life-I’m talking about Mary-Kate was all over the news. They would follow us shopping and [Mary-Kate and Ashley] would almost get into car accidents because of the paparazzi, and I didn’t want to be a part of it. I just thought, This is such bulls***t.”

Plus, she can pull off pretty much any hair color. Hot.

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