Japan Invents Life-Changing, Salty Electric Fork

Everyone tries to ruin your life when you get older.  You start losing your hair and gaining weight.  This makes fewer women want to sleep with you.  Younger, smarter, faster people are coming up in the working world.  Day by day you’re being prepared for death.  And along the way a doctor will sit you down one day after examining your butt and say you need to eat less salt.  They try to take deliciousness from you.  It’s unacceptable.

Cheers to Japan for saying “screw that” with the invention of a fork.  A fork?  A fork.

Created at Rekimoto Lab, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies at the University of Tokyo, this bulky food stabber is battery operated and creates an electrical current that stimulates your tongue when you eat, tricking you into thinking you’re tasting salt.

Adjusting the levels on the fork can alter saltiness and sourness levels in food, from a little to a lot.  Go too far and it tastes like metal but they’re just in the prototype stage right now and will probably work that out later.

In the future the hope is that this fork can be used for people who can’t have salt as part of a dietary restriction – people with high blood pressure and hypertension.  Honestly though, this thing should be used by everyone.  Imagine never needing to actually spice food again, just slightly adjust your fork and suddenly everything tastes perfect.  Japan, you’re amazing.

This new fork shames the last electric fork any of us ever heard about, the silly one that spins to help you eat spaghetti.  Screw that, that’s just laziness in action.  This fork is a true innovation. What an age we live in.