Elderly Man’s Home Hit With Eggs Almost Every Day For A Year

85-year-old Albert Clemens Sr. has lived in his home in Euclid, Ohio which he bought with his late wife, for over 60 years.  The peace and quiet of what should be an elderly man’s restful later years in life has been shattered by relentless, anonymous attacks on his home. Someone has been pelting his house with eggs each day for a year since March 2014. The local police have no idea who.  

Did Justin Bieber move in next door?

Clemens lives at the green, two-story home with his son and daughter who are all startled or woken up by the egg attacks which always occur at night. When the eggs hit the aluminum siding it sounds like a gunshot going off. The strange part of this story is that no one has seen the culprits; police believe that the eggs are being launched from over two blocks away.

At first the family would clean up the house, but after the egging’s continued day after day, they have given up. Their once happy home left soiled with dried egg and lots of damage. Clemens insurance company won’t pay for any repairs until an arrest is made.

Police are scrambling to get to the bottom of the mystery; they have conducted stakeouts, interviewed neighbors, installed video cameras and even sent the eggshells for tests to determine their origin. An officer was even hit with an egg as he stood on the front lawn writing a report. This is starting to sound more like a Stephan King novel, than a neighborhood prank.

What could have this seemingly nice old man have done to provoke such sustained. Either they are doing this for their sadistic amusement or it’s personal.

According to Clemens the attacks last up to 10 minutes each, meaning that the culprits on average must throw at least a dozen eggs a day at the house. A dozen eggs cost around $3, so if they buy a carton of eggs a day, for a year, they have spent $1095 on eggs to throw at the house. People tend to think this is the work of kids or teenagers in the neighborhood. I contend that kids would get bored with the prank and move on; nor would they have so much disposable egg income to fund this type of yolk terrorism.  This is either someone with a personal vendetta or a total sociopathic nutter who gets pleasure at making an old man uncomfortable.

The Euclid police are now offering a $1000 reward in information leading to the arrest of the egg throwing culprits. Clemens says;

“I like the neighborhood,” Clemens said. “I like the city of Euclid. I would live and die in this house — but it’s been kind of a nightmare.”

Do you guys have any thoughts on who it could be? Confessions?

Source: Cleveland.com

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