9 Places We Hope El Chapo Is Hiding In Before He Attacks Donald Trump

Donald Trump has fans but he’s about as popular as the guy selling sparkling water at a Juggalo concert. One of Trump’s more popular anti-fans is drug lord El Chapo, a Mexican baddie who has been allegedly tweeting death threats at Trumps account. You know the world has gone soft when a drug lord tweets death threats, folks. However, the really fun part is El Chapo actually escaped from prison on Saturday and the Feds are on the lookout for the Burt Reynolds look-a-like.

So, we put our brains together and figured out some potential places El Chapo might be hiding in along with a few clever disguises as he makes his way toward Donald Trump.

9. El Chapo is the new Hamburglar.

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A black eye mask can go a long way.

8. El Chapo is on Pluto.

Actually, this week is the worst time to hide on Pluto.

7. El Chapo is hiding in Nicki Minaj’s butthole.

Lots of room to hide.

6. El Chapo is hiding in Kim Kardashian’s butthole.

Even more room to hide!

5. El Chapo was hiding in his own butthole.

No one can find him in his own ass if they can’t find him to begin with. It’s like Inception, only more ass.

4. El Chapo is hiding at Comic-Con.

Why shave your mustache if your entire body looks like a lint roller.

3. El Chapo is hiding in The Joker’s grill.

If you listen quietly to the trailer, you can hear him snort laughing.

2. El Chapo is busy writing this article at Break’s Headquarters.

El chapo loves LSalt.

1. El Chapo has been Donald Trump all along.

Of course, how did we not see this coming.