A Dog Is Running For Mayor Of Oakland Because At This Point, Why Not?


Today’s political climate is more polluted than the air at a New Jersey Nickelback concert. We’re either living in the Bizarro World, or political figures who smoke crack aren’t just confined to Toronto.

In fact, the current US Congress has literally set new standards in reaching a new low. They are not only the least productive legislature in the history of our nation, but they set a new record by earning an approval rating that dipped as low as 8.4 percent.

Maybe the problem isn’t who we’re electing but what we’re electing. A group in Oakland, California, didn’t like the job their mayor has been doing, so they decided to put up a candidate that could put a smile on the sour puss of even the most cynical political wonk: a cute and cuddly dog named Einstein.

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Some members of the Occupy Oakland group are trying to put Einstein on the ballot for the upcoming election. Einstein’s supporters are very serious about their initiative because they believe that having a dog in office would take some power away from City Hall and force everyone to “play our parts in determining the route Oakland will take into the future” and help them to “see the way clear to changing the city ourselves.”

If their campaign is successful and they actually manage to get a dog on the ballot, this could have an interesting ripple effect across the political landscape. Approval ratings for Congress would go up because no one could ever disapprove of something with such an adorable face. Cable news pundits would finally have guests to debate with who are on their same intellectual plane. Of course, things mighty get royally f-ed up across every major issue, but it would make sense because the government is literally run by dogs and puppies. (Source)