An Anonymous Artist Placed An Edward Snowden Statue In New York This Morning

If there’s anyone that we hope can take the attention away from people like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West for a time being, it’s Edward Snowden. Some people are against the whistle blower for leaking important NSA documents letting Americans know how exposed their private life really is, but most are a big fan, including some anonymous artists that decided to place a huge bust of the man in a Forte Green Park in Brooklyn, NY this morning.

Measuring over 4 feet tall at over 100 lbs., the anonymous artist said that the bust, at that size, would cost $30,000 to create. If it were bronzed, it would easily be over $100,000. Of course the artist fronted all of the money himself with the help of close friends. A special adhesive was placed on top of the pillar which already stood in the park, in order to keep the bust in place. But the artist wanted to make sure that if the bust were to be removed, it wouldn’t damage the already existing concrete.

If in the case the bust and plaque were to be removed, the artists have already made a mold of their creation including a 3D map which would allow them to make smaller busts if needed.

Head to Forte Green Park if you’re in Brooklyn to check out the bust before it is inevitably removed.

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source: Animal New York