Man Claims To Have Had Sex With Over 700 Cars (And Shares How He Does It)

And you thought you were lonely. This man claims to prefer the sweet gentle caress of an automobile over any human being any day. But it’s not his sexual preference that is the more interesting part. It’s how he does it.

At an early age, Edward Smith realized he found cars to be attractive enough to the point where he eventually would make love to them. On his first encounter, he says his urges took hold and found himself losing his virginity to a Volkswagen Beetle when he was a teenager.

Oddly enough, Smith has had girlfriends in the past during his high school and college years, but it’s the love of a car that brings Smith coming back for more. He admits to making love to a row of cars in a parking lot one time, as well as a helicopter. Let that sink in for a moment.

But the sexiest car to him has always been the Beetle, his first love.

And if you think he actually penetrates any part of an automobile (of course, one would assume the tailpipe, or God forbid the door handle), you’d be sorely mistaken. Smith says that its all about “hugging and holding the shape of the car” that really thrills him. Which then leads to Smith pleasuring himself as he holds onto the car, usually standing next to it…or something. “‘It has to do with the body itself, I have not really been attracted to any kind of penetration, ” Smith adds. Just imagine spotting that site in a parking lot. Pretty romantic if you ask me.

It’s actually kind of nice knowing that he doesn’t violate the cars too much at least, weird preferences aside. Smith does realize that his sexual partners are cars afterall, he’s not confused in the least about what he’s doing. It’s the fact that he feels an energy from them when he holds them. And if love-making follows, well then so be it.

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source: Metro