‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Bombed, So They Want To Trick You With A Completely New Title

Aside from the “people still buy DVD’s” comment that you have boiling inside of you, there’s a new mystery at hand with Edge of Tomorrow’s title which seems to no longer be Edge of Tomorrow at all. Now apparently titled Live. Die. Repeat., Warner Bros. seems to be playing a trick on all the people who watched a different film when it opened last June. Here’s a shot of the cover art for the DVD release.

The studio probably had to legally shove the film’s original title in there somewhere, so now it’s mashed next to Cruise and Blunt’s name, as if Edge of Tomorrow was just another actor or some random third film in a bad WB box set. The spine even says Live. Die. Repeat/Edge of Tomorrow. Huh??

To be fair, the film had been using the tagline “Live. Die. Repeat” ever since the movie came out, so maybe it’s not that random. And other films have made the tagline more prominent on posters. But even on the movie’s IMDB page, the new title has completely taken over from the original, which is just really bizarre.

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“Edge of Tomorrow” (in case this is confusing as all hell because it is.)

Even the poster image on the imdb page doesn’t have the full original title, just “EDGE” next to Cruise and Blunt’s name. From what I remember, the U2 guitarist did not co-star in the film as Cruise’s wacky sidekick with a passion for large stage shows.

So why are they suddenly playing title musical chairs? Everyone seemed to like the movie, and it did receive a 90% tomatometer and a 91% with audiences. It also grossed $269 million over its budget of $178 million worldwide, but maybe therein lies the problem. In America, Edge of Tomorrow made a little over $99 million, so by that standard, it’s a bomb. And when it’s a bomb here, the film is already bruised well before we find out how well it’s going to do overseas.

Fans who did enjoy the film have also complained that the ads and trailers didn’t do it justice, so maybe the suits at WB are listening and revamping the entire thing with the hope of making another buck. I’m not entirely sure if they’re just trying to trick everyone into renting it, or mainly just staying away from the stink that WAS “Edge of Tomorrow“.

Now the question is, if Live. Die. Repeat. doesn’t work, what will they call it then?

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