Check Out The Kinda Brand New Ecto-1 For The Ghostbusters Reboot

Anything that made me skeptic regarding the Ghostbusters reboot has at least been thwarted by the interesting decisions in props, costumes and now the Ecto-1, as director Paul Feig revealed to his twitter followers late last night.



I’m digging the more realistic look Feig is bringing to the Ghostbusters franchise. Afterall, how on earth did Egon and Ray create all of the tools the Ghostbusters used without a full on team helping them assemble everything safely. But here, Feig is taking the approach that if four people are making all of this happen, then most of their work is going to look a little janky.

[[contentId: 2871789| | style: height:213px; width:510px]]

The original Ecto-1 was a combination of a 1959 cadillac and an ambulance. With Ray Stantz’ automotive repair skills, he was able to create the car that lived long and prosperous in the Ghostbusters franchise. This new Ecto-1 however takes a more realistic approach with a look that screams “inherited from a dead uncle, now let’s put some lights on it.”  I can dig that, especially for a team of paranormal investigators with little to know money starting out. Realistically, nothing is going to look polished at all.

All I can say is thank God they didn’t go for more of a suped up Ecto-1 like the new Batmobile. Seriously, we should all be happy about that.