This Dog Loves To Ride The Bus And Does It Without Her Owner Weekly

Dogs are amazing creatures. They are so intuitive and naturally loyal to a fault. They are cuddly, adorable and extremely loveable. They can provide us with endless hours of top-notch entertainment by making them chase something that isn’t there. They’re like a TiVo that poops. Some dogs however are very smart like this Seattle dog that knows how to ride the bus.

Meet Eclipse. She’s a black Labrador mix who likes to do all the normal things that dogs like to do like play with a ball, go for walks and take trips to the dog park. This dog, however, can a lot more for itself than lick itself (and wouldn’t we all if we could?). This dog has become a regular fixture on Seattle public transit’s D-Line ever since she learned the routes to her favorite dog park. The dog owner’s Jeff Young says he often waits with her while he smokes a cigarette and when the bus shows up, she gets on it without him and heads off to the local dog park. She even knows the stops and buses she’s supposed to take to get to the dog park all by herself.

Eclipse came to start taking the bus by herself because her owner apparently took too long to finish his cigarette. By this point, Eclipse had already taken the route to the park many times before and just went ahead without him one day, separating herself from the owner. The owner headed to the park out of sheer hope that Eclipse knew what she was doing. Low and behold, Eclipse had made the trip and every solo park trip safe and sound.

The amazing part is that she even looks for a seat on the bus and sits next to strangers just like her fellow human passengers. If this dog learns how to hail a cab or call for an Uber, we might just s*&% ourselves.

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Source: Huffington Post