This Is Exactly How You Make Sure Your Ebay Auction Gets Clicks

Ebay has become the Myspace for online shopping. Who the fuck still uses it?? These people looking to sell an English 2014 skinsuit from some ladies track team apparently thought that as well which is why they probably decided to use a woman with enormous breasts to showcase the item. Bonus points for using a woman with pierced nipples to really get the viewer intrigued.

I don’t care what else is on this page, if you were merely clicking the item looking for a track suit for your wife (or even yourself) your eye can’t help but gravitate to the upper left corner featuring what looks like Dolly fucking Parton’s hoo-hah’s.

Did we click the profile pic to see the other images in their listing? YOUR GODDAM RIGHT WE DID.

I’ve never cared about a sport outside of football or baseball more than I do right now.

As of this writing, the item still has 6 days to go with an asking “Buy It Now” price of $88. Curious how much they would take just so we could see the talented woman’s face. Although that might also destroy the illusion. Especially the illusion that this could very well be a dude wearing fake boobs.