Early ‘The Mask’ Designs From This 1993 Press Kit Show A Much Weirder Version

Everyone and their aunt went to see Jim Carrey in his follow up to Dumb & Dumber called The Mask. Most of us didn’t really know what to expect, but what we received was one of the more groundbreaking comedies of its time in terms of its CGI and fx work. The year was 1994 and Jurassic Park had only been released a year prior with its show-stopping CGI, but it was The Mask that proved CGI could not only be used for realism but also humor.  It remains to be the only Carrey film where the FX and makeup actually topped his comedic performance, but the plan wasn’t for him to always look like…that.

Imgur user uploaded images from a 1993 press kit by New Line Cinema (press kits were something people sent to journalists to get them interested) which contained pictures of The Mask’s extremely unfinished design. In fact, what the filmmakers had in mind were way more bizarre than the finish product, which is sort of amazing to discover.

Check out the pages below.

[[contentId: 2807564| alt: | style: height:546px; width:512px]]

[[contentId: 2807535| | style: height:482px; width:510px]]

It almost looked as though no makeup had been completed so they simply Paint Shop Pro’d the hell out of Carrey’s face, morphing it into a somewhat similar Mask that we’re more familiar with now.

Regardless, I’d be curious what the hell people thought when they first saw these images with that wild synopsis next to it.

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source: Imgur