Bizarre and Awesome Star Wars Concept Art

The new Star Wars is basically here and we have a whole crop of new characters from Captain Phasma to BB-8 to obsess over.  But it’s worth noting these characters are developed over time, and had things been different, some of even the most iconic characters in the franchise could have looked vastly different than they do.  Take a look at some of this early concept art and just imagine what Star Wars could have been like.


Rumor has it George Lucas originally wanted Yoda to be a monkey wearing a mask.  And rumopr has it this is an actual photo of said monkey.

But that wasn’t all they had planned for Yoda.  Here’s a few other bites at the apple;

Jabba the Hutt

Yoda wasn’t the only one who had a few different looks.  Here was Jabba in early filming;

And then some sketch concepts;



The concept looks vaguely like John Lithgow if he was raised by wolves.


The Droids

That last one are figures designed based on sketches from Ralph McQuarrie.  Check out his work here and also on


The Rebels

Yep, that was Leia.  One look, anyway.


The Empire

That was back when Darth Maul was really into Slipknot.

This is supposed to be Anakin on Mustafar, just before becoming Vader.

Is it Boba Fett or a leftover from Battlestar Galactica?

The Emperor was a lot more reptilian back in the day.