Before ‘Black Adam’, Remember Dwayne Johnson’s Role On Star Trek Voyager?

Yesterday, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson announced he’ll be playing Black Adam, the villain in the Shazam! comic adaption. Most people think this marks the first time Johnson has dipped into geek culture, being his first comic book movie. Sure, wrestling counts as geeky to some extent, but nothing has been more universally nerdy as comic books and, of course, Star Trek.

Surprisingly, most people don’t remember The Rock has already been baptised by the geek community when he appeared on Star Trek Voyager as “Pendari” in 2000. More specifically, the fifteenth episode of the sixth season titled “Tsunkatse”. Gotta love those Star Trek words.

Needless to say, his appearance is incredible, mainly because it was The Rock’s first big foray into acting where he beats up woman-borg. What an introduction! Unfortunately the makeup he was given looks more like bad acne than alien. Check out the clip below.

Oh, Star Trek Voyager. How wonderfully cheesy you are.

An interesting behind the scenes video was also created in 2001, giving a better glimpse at what would become Dwayne Johnson’s acting career. I have to say, even then you could tell he had more to him than wrestling moves and eyebrow lifts.

When the Executive Producer of Star Trek Voyager gives you a thumbs up, you know you’re going places. No word yet on the Shazam! release date, but it’s probably safe to say it’ll be a couple of years.

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