Dutch Soldiers Forced To Make ‘Bang Bang’ Sounds Because They Don’t Have Bullets

The days of playing with toy pistols and finger guns and exclaiming “Bang! Bang!” instead of actually shooting bullets have become a reality for Dutch soldiers — and it’s really, really cute!

An ammunition shortage have caused soldiers to imitate gunfire rather than use live bullets during training drills. They want to save the real bullets for when the soldiers will actually need them… like in international missions, war and stuff.

The news comes from a leaked email from the country’s Defence Ministry to RTL Nieuws, a Dutch TV news service. Part of the email says, “I cannot make it better, but there’s really no ammunition.” Obviously, this has become a major problem considering guns need bullets to actually do what they were made for.

Can you picture these guys yelling “bang- bang!?”

Despite that, the troops are still required to practice as much as necessary. Jean Debie, chairman of the military union VBM told the daily newspaper De Standard, “Even if you have no bullets, you have to train with your weapon. That means you have to call out bang-bang-bang.”

Apparently, the lack of bullets is impacted soldiers’ morale. They can’t fire bullets during training and have to say “bang bang” instead of actually shooting a target. This pretty much makes the drills obsolete. It’s like practicing painting but having the brush and no paint. Plus, I’m sure saying “bang bang” isn’t boosting their confidence as manly soldiers.

Source: Belfast Telegraph