Screech Is Going To Prison For 4 Months

Let’s be honest, Dustin Diamond who is only well known for portraying Screech on Saved by the Bell should never be around drunk people. And by that I mean, he should never be drunk, in a bar, around drunk people. Because those drunk people and Diamond aren’t going to get along very well. Clearly. Case in point, the story we reported in March of Diamond’s arrest for stabbing one man in a bar, and threatening to stab another man in a bar earlier in the day on Christmas in 2014. Well he was found guilty last month but the sentencing hadn’t happened until today. And Mr. Diamond is going to go away for a while and we don’t mean that Malibu Sands Beach Club.

Who knew Screech of all people would be the first Saved by the Bell cast member to go to prison, but Dustin Diamond has been sentenced to four months in the clink followed by 15 months of probation. If Diamond has a hard time getting drunk with the common folks in a public bar, it’s gonna be pretty rough when he’s spending it with some real tough nuts in the big house.

Diamond tried lying to police telling them he only had a pen on his person after the stabbing took place, then revealed that he did in fact have a knife but that he was merely protecting himself. But then witnesses said Diamond’s wife had actually instigated the fight. I imagine the same scenario if Lisa Turtle, Screech’s crush, had demanded Screech to stab someone, would he? Probably. Unfortunately for Dustin Diamond, the scenario isn’t just a scripted moment for a studio audience. Stay tuned to see if Zack Morris can get Screech out of this fine mess with his cell phone or maybe a body double.