Sorry Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts Just Won The Christmas Coffee Cup Battle

Despite Starbucks trying to inform people that they have left their holiday coffee cups blank so “people could doodle on them themselves,” people were in quite the tizzy with the lack of holiday cheer on the plain red cup. But finally, Dunkin’ Donuts has saved the day with their holiday cup which simply says “Joy” while surrounded by a wreath. Thank God this is all over.

Even though the big issue most people (most Christians rather) were having with Starbucks is that it just didn’t say “Merry Christmas” anywhere on the cup, let alone a damn snowflake or maybe a reindeer, I’m curious if this Dunkin’ Donuts coffee cup will serve as some sort of trophy for Christians even though this cup doesn’t say “Christmas” either. It seems like Christians will take anything that resembles Christmas if not the actual word.

That’s at least one Christian who has calmed down.

It’s amazing that people think this season is a season for ONLY Christmas and no other holiday for any other beliefs. Even though Joy is more synonymous with Christmas than not, it still doesn’t say “Merry Christmas” which I think is a good thing. Store chains shouldn’t have to cater to crazy Christians or any other hell bent group and instead do whatever the hell they want because that’s their right, right?

Maybe let’s just call it a draw–Starbucks does have the better coffee but Dunkin’ Donuts has the better pastries. Now everyone just shut up and be grateful for what we have.