This Kid Wins With The Celebrity Selfie He Snagged In Nebraska

Tom White of Dundee, Nebraska had a good Sunday. After hearing the extremely random news that Warren Buffett and Paul McCartney were at the local eCreamery, an ice cream restaurant in Dundee, he hauled tail, brining a guitar and Abbey Road vinyl he hoped McCartney would sign. When he arrived, he found McCartney and Buffett 'just chillin' on a bench out front. This was his opportunity.

Unfortunately, McCartney's bodyguard said that autographs and handshakes were out of the question, but photographs were allowed.

So Tom snagged this classic shot. The fact that Buffett (and McCartney as well?) are looking at Tom's phone makes the pic that much better.

I have to say, it's nice seeing younger kids interested in musicians like Paul McCartney. I'd take that over a selfie with 99% of the current musicans ANY day.

But why was McCartney in Dundee, Nebraska? He's currently on tour and was scheduled to play at the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, NE the following night.  Dundee and Lincoln are about an hour's drive between the two. As for Buffett, he lives in Omaha, which is only 3 minutes from Dundee, so why shouldn't McCartney and Warren hang out and get some tasty treats!

Truth be told, it wasn't technically a selfie because Tom's friend Jacob Murray is the one who actually took the shot. Either way, knowing what it's like to grow up in a small town, having a celebrity of any kind just randomly show up is a pretty cool thing. Based on Tom's huge grin, I'd say he agrees. (Source)