How “Dumb Starbucks” Is One Of The Greatest Entrepreneurial Wins Of All Time

You might know Nathan Fielder from Comedy Central’s Nathan For You (which airs on Comedy Central, Thursdays at 10/9c) but you might NOT know he started one of the greatest entrepreneurial ventures that everyone in the world began to talk about in 2014.

We all visit Starbucks for their tasty beverages and desserts, but kind of hate ourselves for continuously falling for it which is why it was a blessing when the bizarro Starbucks Coffee store named “Dumb Starbucks” finally came around to make us all feel better. Why? Because Dumb Starbucks perfectly pointed out everything wrong with the insanely popular and over priced coffee chain, mainly by calling Starbucks dumb to their face, which is why it’s truly the greatest entrepreneurial win of all time. Not to mention they made a ton of money while doing so. Let’s examine, shall we?

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It was the simplest formula anyone could come up with. And Nathan Fielder was the first to do it.

Everyone likes to hate on Starbucks, but guess what, the store literally makes billions of dollars a year. So I guess it’s not THAT hated. So Fielder came up with the concept of taking something so beloved and hated in one and put the word Dumb in front of it. And voila, you have a hilarious product that people are already familiar with by it’s name. It’s the same concept as taking something like Star Wars, or Apple, something on literally everyone’s radar, spinning it and turning into a brand new commodity.

Dumb Starbucks took social media by storm.

After opening in early 2014, it seemed like the comedic gods bestowed the perfect ridiculous version of Starbucks overnight. Dumb Starbucks now has over 11,000 twitter followers and was quick to become its own hype machine with interested parties across the globe not only talking about Dumb Starbucks but wanting to drink it’s “dumb coffee”.

Who needs to pay for advertising when the people are doing the advertising for you!

That’s a lot of retweets for some dumb coffee.

Dumb Starbucks took the media by storm. Even better!

What happens when you win social media? Television producers are going to take notice and try to gain some of that attention for their programming. Dumb Starbucks was not only the talk of various news stations, but also talk shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live and Conan O’Brien. And we’re not talking about a few monologue jokes. We mean they invited the creator Nathan Fielder on stage as a guest. Not every store owner gets a chance to talk about their “dumb” store on national television but that’s because not every store owner finds the perfect equation for success.

Dumb Starbucks caters to not only coffee drinkers, but also comedy drinkers.

Quick scenario: You want a cup of coffee, but where would you prefer to get one? A coffee shop you regularly go to, OR a coffee shop that has the same exact items only the store is just a hilariously ridiculous concept? You’ll probably choose a coffee and a laugh to go with it because who doesn’t like a laugh with their coffee! Idiots, that’s who. Especially when you know the comedian behind the concept often mans the counter to give you your dumb morning coffee.

Nathan Fielder, ready to take your dumb order.

Dumb Starbucks caters to hip people. And everyone wants to be hip.

You may not admit it, but you’d really like to be cool. Once something becomes widely accepted as hilarious or hip, everyone is going to want to get on that bandwagon and agree with the millions of other people that have deemed it so. This is why Star Wars is widely accepted because no one wants to be the sour sap that doesn’t like Star Wars. Only with Dumb Starbucks, instead of just liking something widely accepted, you’re now MUCH COOLER for being someone that has actually visited the chain. This grants you the right to say “Oh, I went to Dumb Starbucks today. You haven’t gone yet? Oh, it’s sooooo cool,” as jealousy ensues. Much like discovering a great band you can go around bragging about, Dumb Starbucks quickly became the coolest place to be on earth if you were lucky (and patient) enough to get inside during operating hours.

Everyone waiting in line for those bragging rights.

The moral of the story? Take a proven success and tweak it.

Nathan Fielder didn’t invent the wheel. He took the wheel and made it way more fun for the youth of America. And that’s why Dumb Starbucks was one of the greatest entrepreneurial wins of all time. People are always trying to create the next big thing and fail miserably because they’re way over their heads or just haven’t found quite the right concept. Fielder proved you don’t have to be a scientist to find the right formula. It’s often sitting right in front of you without you even knowing it.

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