Check Out These Cool Teaser Posters For “Dumb And Dumber To”

The official site for Dumb and Dumber To just released a couple of teaser posters regarding the “could be awful, but let’s just hope it’s not” sequel to the classic comedy that taught me how great Lauren Holly’s butt was.  What do you think?!

[[contentId: 2589652| | style: height:843px; width:533px]]

Sure, it’s just a couple of the very familiar tuxes but c’mon, it’s still pretty awesome.  So I guess we can assume they will be wearing these things in the sequel?  They could be naked for all I care, I’m ready to buy a ticket.

Upon finding out about these teaser posters, I happened to come across a boat load of set pics that I hadn’t seen before!  Thought I might as well share those too (I’d say there are spoilers, but hell if I know what’s going on in them)

[[contentId: 2589653| | style: height:397px; width:509px]]

[[contentId: 2589654| | style: height:338px; width:507px]]

[[contentId: 2589655| | style: height:378px; width:507px]]

[[contentId: 2589656| | style: height:667px; width:508px]]

[[contentId: 2589657| | style: height:676px; width:506px]]

[[contentId: 2589658| | style: height:336px; width:506px]]

[[contentId: 2589659| | style: height:284px; width:505px]]

[[contentId: 2589660| | style: height:284px; width:506px]]

[[contentId: 2589661| | style: height:284px; width:504px]]

[[contentId: 2589662| | style: height:334px; width:502px]]

[[contentId: 2589663| | style: height:557px; width:502px]]

The Mutt Cutts mobile is back. YES.