Dumb And Dumber To Gets A Poster And Exclusive Trailer!

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Jun. 10, 2014

It sure took long enough!  20 years after the original Dumb and Dumber was released, we're finally getting a sequel to one of Jim Carrey's (and Jeff Daniel's) greatest comedies.  One of the greatest comedies in general dare I say?

And today we were blessed with the first poster featuring the two idiotic leads.

Not bad.  Although I wish it were something a little different from what you would find in the first film.  I did dig the teaser posters released earlier this year featuring the retro tuxes as well, but the one above is still pretty fun nonetheless.

Now, as far as the trailer which has yet to be released, will apparently have an exclusive showing on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon during tonight's episode along with Daniels and Carrey in attendance.  Now that I'm gonna have to watch, despite the fact that I think Fallon could have a much funnier announcer.

UPDATED: Look no further, the trailer is HERE!


If you do check out the trailer, let's discuss! @Todd_Spence