Dude Accidentally Ruins Date Plans With This Joke, But Was It Really That Bad?

If you’ve ever tried the whole online dating thing, you know how sensitive and painful of an experience it can be to finally get that hot girl to not only respond to your messages but finally agree to meeting up. That’s where the sensitive part comes in, because this dude made a joke and this girl immediately decided to cancel the date. The question is, was the joke really that bad?

In this scenario, it’s up to this girl to be the judge of what’s in bad taste (even though she seems a little too sensitive for OUR taste), but what then followed was one painful text rollercoaster with this dude at first apologizing, then calling her a “psycho”, then asking her to call him. Sometimes it’s best to accept that you just weren’t made for each other.

Pretty sure I’ve never seen a man and woman call each other DUDE so many times before in my life.

Dear God that was painful. Regardless, if a woman isn’t texting you back, no matter the reason, it’s game over, man. Ah the joys of online dating with crazy people.