Eager Beaver Dude Decides To Go Down On Girl At The Bar For All To Witness

Have you ever met a woman at a bar or a club, you’re getting a little drunk and you’re really hitting it off? You know you don’t wanna push things too far and potentially ruin the connection but dammit, you wanna say what the hell and just go for it? Well for this couple, they not only said what the hell, but couldn’t wait til they fucking got home to start going down on eachother. And they didn’t feel like being too discreet about it either in such a public forum.

What makes this so comedic, as if it weren’t comedic already, is how she looks like she doesn’t even know what’s going on. She certainly doesn’t look thrilled by it, but also isn’t trying to give him the “let’s wrap things up” signal either. Either way, it looks like a real sausage fest in that place so maybe he had to stake claim to the one woman in the joint as swiftly as possible. The dude was just thinking on his toes, people!

Of course by the judge of things in the video, you guessed correctly, this occurred in Russia where going down on a women in public is apparently nothing out of the ordinary. Hell, maybe it’s even considered badass. I’ll tell you one thing though, I never saw The Fonz go down on a chick at Al’s Restaurant!

Unfortunately for the couple, they were thrown out afterwards for getting their juices all over the nice dance floor. Let’s hope the guy took the opportunity to maybe snag a little mouthwash from a local convenience store because judging by their body language, they look like they might’ve met that night. No serious couple would probably ever do this in public, let’s be honest.

As for the club, here’s hoping they burned that bar stool.

What would you do if you saw this in public?

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