Dude (Almost) Backflips (Almost) Directly Into Oncoming Traffic

The backflip: viral video gold. Land one in an interesting way and you’ve got a good chance of getting a ton of views. Botch one, and you still have a good chance of going viral depending on how hurt you get.

This video from Twitter user @TommyFrmBroward falls somewhere in between: he almost lands it but doesn’t, then almost gets hit by a car but escapes unscathed. We may be witnessing the birth of a new genre of backflip video:

Here are some other choice backflip vids:

This was shot at a high school where dodgeball is serious business: not only does it draw a crowd, but people are willing to risk cracking their skull open on the gym floor by backflipping out of the way of a soft rubber ball. Skip to 1:24.

How many Breakers out there are also hardcore Gleeks?! A few?! Zero?! If you never watched Glee, go ahead and give it a whirl sometime on whatever streaming service is hosting it right now. The first two seasons are great before it careens off a cliff into insanity. This video features two of the lead actors doing wall flips. They’re not stunt doubles. These actors actually learned how to flip off a damn wall, risking paralysis, for your amusement. Skip to 2:20.

This video features a staggering feat of athleticism: catching a football while performing a backflip. Forget about “hell, I can’t even do a backflip”; I can’t even catch a football. Not sure why any football player would want to risk brain damage by catching a ball like this, especially since they’re absolutely going to get it by just playing football and there’s no need to double down.

And finally, the legendary “that backflip tho” Vine. I am convinced this video is responsible more than anything else for popularizing the “adding ‘tho’ to the end of sentences” language virus pandemic we’re all suffering under. But still: that backflip tho.