Genius Duct Taped His Penis Tip Shut Before Urinating As A Fun Experiment

Some of the world’s greatest scientists can be found all over the world but when it comes to some of the dumbest experiments known to man, Reddit is the place to gather and really learn from those dumb results.

One Redditor decided to share an experiment in which he duct taped his penis tip shut before urinating in his bathroom. It’s unclear what he thought the outcome could possibly be aside from excruciating pain, but I guess that’s why some people are the scientists and some people are just the dummies who don’t tape their penis tips shut.

Here are the brilliant results of the man’s experiment and why no one on earth should ever do this, unless you just love dong pain.

Thankfully, this didn’t happen today but years ago when I was probably 13-15. Being a young, curious, teen who had nothing better to do, I thought that I would do an experiment and see what would happen if I put duct tape on my penis and tried to pee. So, I covered the head of my dick with the tape and tried to piss. The pressure hit me immediately with some of the most excruciating pain of my life. Instinctively, I attempted to remove the tape which resulted in even more unbearable suffering since I hadn’t considered how I would get the god forsaken tape off my peep. I forced myself to fight through the pain of the tape in order to ease the more urgent situation I had created for myself. I proceeded to cry and piss all over my bathroom floor while questioning every decision I had ever made in my life that would have led to this single moment. I’m pretty sure I had a super sensitive penis for the next few weeks, but I swear to this day that that single event permanently caused my stream to be reckless every time I pee. TL;DR I taped my penis shut and I tried to pee, only to be greeted with pain.

I like that he tries to use the “I was young” excuse, even though what he did goes beyond just age. Kids do some weird sh*t, but I don’t know anybody that taped their penis shut, let alone to see what would happen to it while they peed. Oddly enough, putting your penis in a strange hole in a public bathroom is less risky than what this guy did.

But hey, every experiment needs a guinea pig and I’m just glad it was this guy. A regular Einstein of our day.