Drunk Woman Steals Horse, Uses It To Rob Liquor Store

We live in an amazing age when technology is literally changing all around us. Just look at something as simple as transportation. There are more ways than ever to get from Point A to Point B. Pretty soon, walking is going to become obsolete.

Some people, however, stubbornly refuse to let the march of time replace old technology. For example, there’s Christine Saunders, who, according to police in Dekalb County, Alabama, used a horse as her getaway vehicle in an shoplifting heist. But for the sake of accuracy, we should point out that this act of luddism probably has more to do with her being drunk than being stubborn.

Saunders, who was already intoxicated, wanted more alcohol. But apparently she didn’t want to pay for it, or get caught driving a car while under the influence. However, she still needed a way to both get to and flee the scene of the crime. Fate, however, threw her a line when she spotted a horse nearby. She allegedly stole the horse and rode it to a liquor store like a drunken reenactment of the last scene from High Noon (or should it be Drunk Noon?). Once there, she is said to have tried to steal merchandise before police arrived.

We expect this sort of thing to happen in Europe, but not Alabama

Police spotted the horse outside of the store with a plastic Walmart bag full of Keystone Light tied to the saddle. Police arrested her and charged her with public intoxication and illegal possession of a prohibited beverage. The owners of the horse declined to press charges because resorting to stealing a horse just to steal beer is punishment enough. (Source)