Drunk Wife Creates Gross Late Night Snack, Brilliant Husband Records It

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Aug. 08, 2014

We've all done it. It's 2:30AM, you just got home drunk and you're starving. Your brain was on auto-pilot and the only thing it knew to do was to get home, quick. But dammit, there's nothing a drunk brain wants more than something just terrible for you.  Thankfully we never have much of a recollection of the bumbling drunkeness that occured when you were making your meal that even a dog wouldn't eat.  Luckily, this woman's husband caught it on tape.

Hungry, hungry drunk.

It's funny to watch someone act drunk on video, there's almost something fake about it, but then again you've probably never seen yourself act drunk, let alone make those terrible meals we're all guilty for. I suppose Goldfish crackers with processed stringe cheese burning the roof of your mouth isn't the worse thing ever, but there must've been something better in the freezer. I mean, c'mon.

I'm guilty of the late night Jack in the Box taco many-a-times, but the grossest meal I've seen anyone drunkenly create was my roommate who made popcorn, drizzled Ranch dressing on top of it and then ate it with a fork. It was disgusting. But hey, you do what you gotta do.

So what was the grossest drunk meal you've ever made? Seriously, I know you've made one.

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Blizzy69 User

i'd give her something to gag on

spongebobmaybe User

I put ramin noodles with the powder mixed in with ragu sauce and a bunch of garlic salt and woke up with my taste buds falling out stuck to my lips.

James-Henry-776 User

I don't think they are married...I think she is single...hence being out till 2 am and coming home drunk...and he is her gay friend or roommate. She has no ring on...engagement or wedding band...and looking at the apartment/house I'm taking he or she isn't bad off....meaning she would require a fat ass engagement ring and would NEVER take it off...

I agree with the others...it's fake. The YT channel this is on has 1 video and this is it...I think her and her gay roommate are thinking of trying to run a series of "My Drunk Wife" videos...

evildog77 User

There's another cheese toastie waiting for him in her pants.

rico334 User

Dude... put that frigging camera down and take her to the bedroom and treat her like a blow up rubber doll....

BlankTitanic User

Worry less about taping her and more about getting her fat as on a tread mill. Also, they are way too young to be married. They will be divorced in like 5 years for sure.

zingz87 User

Notice how she was waiting to reach for an item on the counter until he comes around the corner. Fake.

Xylander User

My worst:  Made chocolate chip pancakes but I didn't have any syrup.  Apparently I thought the soy sauce was Aunt Jemima.

SunVolt User

Inside of her bahjyner?