Drunk Supermodel Arrested In Florida For Driving Wrong Way On Highway

Only in Florida would a story about a Bulgarian supermodel end in near tragedy and tears. Luckily no one was injured as a 29 year old former Maxim girl Ralitsa Nikolaeva Ivanova was pulled over after driving the WRONG WAY on the highway in Land O’Lakes, Florida.

Ivanova whose model name is “Rail,” was pulled over by police when they spotted her driving erratically against traffic on the US 41. However she gave officers a Nobel Prize winning excuse for her insanely dangerous driving; she was texting on her cell phone. Oh well why you didn’t say something! Move along!

What seems to be the problem officer? “Rail” knowing what direction to go in.

The Sherriff’s Deputy didn’t seem to think texting was a valid excuse for driving the wrong way, especially since he smelled alcohol on her breath. The best part of this is that to give a visual demonstration of her excuse that she was texting she showed the officer her phone with texts. The texts were from a friend who was telling her she should definitely not take a field sobriety test. Too bad the friend also didn’t mention to not use “texting while driving” as a cover story for your drinking while driving.

Just a hunch: She is going to be popular in women’s prison.

The officer did ask her to perform that field sobriety test which she quickly realized was a lot harder than walking down the catwalk in high heels whilst you are plastered with booze. 

The only thing she is going to be driving from now on is the boys crazy, am I right?

Thankfully she was arrested and hauled off to fail jail where the only thing she will be modeling for is an example of what not to do.

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Source: WTSP.com