Student Emailed Professor While Stupid Drunk And Gets The Greatest Reply Ever

There are many things one does in college with drunk texting/emailing being in the top part of the college life pyramid. It’s a wonderful time of learning how to hold your liquor AND remain appropriate in social situations at the same time which is why this college student learned one amazing lesson on who to NOT drunk email no matter how hilarious you think it might be.

Overall, it was a pretty positive email that the student had sent.

Referring to the professor as a “motherfuckn g” and to “keep slayin boi” is pretty impressive, even by drunk standards. But it’s “Mr. Martin’s” response that really takes the cake.

If these emails are in fact real, and we really hope they are, I’m ready for a follow up story as to what happened when the student had to see Mr. Martin in person again. No walk of shame could ever compare to that moment. Well, maybe.